Turn to the left … Fashion!

BEDN Day 20 – fashion!

Well this is another tricky one.  I have a vague interest in fashion, usually know what’s in and what’s out but rarely follow the dictates myself.

When I was a teenager I was obsessed with fashion.  I had a Saturday job and spent all my wages on clothes and shoes.  My first real fashion memory is owning a pair of bright red Oxford Bags that I thought were fantastic.  My father asked why I wanted to dress like a circus clown and I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes at him for that comment!  I also rocked purple smock dresses, cheese cloth shirts, loon pants and platform shoes.  Bomber jacket that weren’t warm enough/waterproof enough for an afternoon stood in driving rain at the Holte End, love beads, a suede jacket with faux fur trim that smelt like a wet dog when it got wet – a; these and more were my fashion loves.  Yes, I;m a child of the 70s and I still love those fashions, despite the label ‘the decade that taste forgot’.

Now I dress for comfort – no platforms for me these days! – although I’d love to spend just one more day top to toe in the latest shapes and styles.  However, I don’t want to look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ so I’ll stick to things which let me blend in (although I still love a bright nail polish)


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