Yes Moments

BEDN Day 27, Yes Moments.

I’d never come across this term until it turned up as a BEDN prompt.  However, serendipity is a wonderful thing and yesterday at about 6pm I had a ‘Yes Moment’ all of my own.

Earlier in the day I attended an interview for a post tutoring Functional Skills to Post 16 students in my home town. I had to teach a 30 minute session on root words, prefixes and suffixes which I was really nervous about but it went really well.  I liked the students and the other people working in the unit.  But – and it’s a big but – I’ve attended many interviews that I thought went  well only to get THE phone call; you were a strong candidate but …

So as time ticked by I was convinced that I’d missed out again.  The afternoon passed without a call and I set off for the gym.  On the bus journey in I did a brilliant job of convincing myself that no news was bad news and that I’d heard nothing because they were too chicken to phone and say I’d missed out on the job.  Good job on myself, eh?

At 6pm, sitting opposite my husband about to start eating my mobile rang.  ‘This is it’ I thought, ‘Time to put on  a brave face’.

But they offered me the job! 

So I had a ‘Yes Moment’ – the moment someone said ‘yes’ to me and gave me a little self confidence back.


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