Passion Project

#BEDM Day 6 & Elizabeth suggest we think about ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ – er …

Well I’m not sure I’m cut out to be an entrepreneur.  It seems to be an different type of being who has cool ideas & knows how to make them fly.

If I could invent an entrepreneurial me then I’d love to make money from writing.  There is a tiny voice who lives at the back of my brain who desperately wants me to be a writer.  She’s very shy & doesn’t get out much but she’d the reason I started to blog.  My usual chaotic way of going about tings means that the blog was pushed into the world kicking, screaming & not eve half thought out.  Hence the mess that it is.  No focus, no theme, no nothing.

I still want to be a writer, whatever one of those is, but I’m not sure that I’m watching that ship sail away over the horizon while I still cling to an unobtainable dream.  I’m also scared that I don’t really have anything to say, which would seem to be a rather important part of writing!  Add to this a fear of sharing what I write with others & you can see why it’s still a pipe-dream!

The more I think about it, the more I think that the blog needs an overhaul, maybe even pensioning off & re-inventing.  But I’m also rather attached to it now, the crazy tangents that it often goes off on while I’m not watching.

So there it is, the germ of an idea but no more.  I’d love some advice about sorting the whole blog thing out – it looks like it’s put together by a child (that’s my tech level!) & I’d like a more professional, funky looking blog, eve though I’m neither professional nor funky!

Anyone out there with some advice for a frustrated writer?


1 thought on “Passion Project”

  1. I think you write really well. I started at local history and ended here, but I've read lots of your posts in the past. There is lots of information about blogging on the web. I only know about WordPress. Why not find out how to add links to your posts, as a first step. Then you can send people to your older posts. Just take one techie step at a time and you'll be surprised what you can achieve. Sue

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