characters, writing


I’m plotting a story at the moment so I thought I’d pop down some ideas for characters.

The main character is Philip. He’s a typical ‘bloke’, takes everything for granted, speaks without thinking.  You know the type! One day on a train journey he meets a young lady, indulges in a little light flirting and says something that changes his whole life. He’s a manager at a cinema, married to Eleanor with 2 sons. She has as sister, Maisie, who is married to an Aussie builder.

Other characters include his parents, in-laws, work colleagues and  various members of authority.

There will be serious parts of the story and many humorous elements – humour is what I write best.

What I need now is a title. Once the first element is written I will share it and maybe a title will have come to me … or maybe a suggestion will come through the blog! Since writing this post I’ve thought a lot about this little cast of characters and I have a feeling that the first few paragraphs will be arriving soon!


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