Being Adventurous

What does the word ‘Adventure’ conjure up for you?
Here’s a dictionary definition:

adventure: noun
An unusual and exciting or daring experience.  Excitement associated with danger or the taking of risks. A reckless or potentially hazardous action or enterprise. 
So how does that relate to me? I haven’t really gone out of my way to undergo unusual, exciting or daring experiences.  In fact I shun anything daring.  On a holiday on Ithaca the beach that the windsurfers were using was across the bay from our accommodation.  The holiday company had laid on a small boat to take us to and fro.  On the first day we went over to the beach, I didn’t enjoy the trip but tried to be brave as my young son was there with us, loving every moment of it.  The journey back was choppy (raging to my mind) and I literally flung myself out of the boat onto the jetty so grateful was I to have survived the experience.  Every subsequent day the boys went by boat, Mum walked along a wonderful goat track and arrived 30 mins later!  On another holiday we took a speedboat trip to the local town and again I threw myself out of the boat onto the jetty, trembling.  I took a taxi back and was sitting in the bar sipping my second beer when the rest of the gang returned to the hotel!

So you can see that I don’t really do adventure, even small ones.  I think I’m allergic to adrenaline!


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