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The Zone

I’m going to use some writing prompts this month to get my writing muscles moving so there may some weird and wonderful subjects tackled. The list of prompts is from and I’m using the 365 days of prompts! Be patient and hang in there, I may just say something interesting!

So, what is The Zone? It sounds like something or somewhere that someone like me would never go. High tech or maybe dangerous. Thankfully this zone is the place that people go to when they get totally absorbed in a task or activity. A much more pleasant place.

What always strikes me about being in The Zone is the way it distorts time. Either I get so absorbed by what I’m doing that time passes really quickly or time drags and is stretched out.

I often find that time whizzes by when I’m messing about on Twitter – it’s a real thief of time. I only intend to have a quick browse but before I know what’s happened hours have passed and of course I’ve achieved nothing. This is not the same as being in The Zone as I’m not actually doing anything. Mind you, I’ve always been very good at faffing about!

I usually find myself in The Zone when I’m doing some form of craft activity, usually knitting. While following a pattern or concentrating on increasing, decreasing or counting stitches or rows, it’s easy for me to forget everything else. I do tend to watch TV while I’m knitting which adds to the sense of being elsewhere.

I also lose myself in books which I guess is another example of being in The Zone. I get so engrossed with the characters and story that I lose any sense of time and place and often totally fail to notice anything that’s going on around me.

I’ve just noticed that I’ve been capitalizing The Zone all through this piece. What can that mean? Am I seeing it as a destination – ‘Let’s go to The Zone!’ Or have I attached some importance to it that’s not really there?

Questions for another day maybe.


2 thoughts on “The Zone”

  1. Hi, Jo. I’m going to knit a tension swatch later – parcel of wool in the post! Most creative activities can result in absorption into the Zone. Where was you writing prompt? If it is online providing a link might produce a pingback and help others find your post. Uncategorized is the default category. You could use writing as your category and add tags such as Twitter, knitting, social media. Then someone else (or even a multitude!) might find it. (Just edit and update to add these.) Sue

    1. Thanks Sue, I’ve now found out how to select a category! However I’m not sure about links – the writing prompts were the ones you pointed me towards which I downloaded but I can’t remember where I found them! They’re from WordPress so should be around here somewhere; will keep looking!
      I’ve added where the prompts came from but it’s not a link – how do I do that?

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