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Red Pill, Blue Pill

Imagine a world where all nutrition could be had in the form of a pill. Each mealtime you pop a pill and it contains all the nutrition you need – protein, carbs, minerals, vitamins. Formulated to make your body and brain function at its optimum. No extra calories, hidden sugars, nasty saturated fats. Just exactly what you need to get through the day.

blue pill red pill

Sounds good? Well in one sense I can see the appeal. No need to wonder what to eat every day. No need to wrestle with your conscience about whether to have another biscuit. No need to count calories or stress about eating too much and getting fat. No more famine or hunger.

But food is so much more than just nutrition. The pleasure to be had when reading through a menu or recipe, the anticipation of deciding what to have and waiting for it to arrive or cook. The wonderful smell of baking bread, melting cheese, ripe strawberries. The luxurious feeling of chocolate melting on your tongue. The comfort and pleasure of hot soup on a cold day. The powerful restorative nature of a cup of tea. Would I really sacrifice any of this for a quick fix food pill? Absolutely not – especially chocolate and tea!


Then there’s the pleasure to be had from making food for others. I’m no gourmet cook but when somebody compliments me on a meal I’ve prepared or a cake I’ve baked I feel like a million dollars. It makes me feel loved, appreciated and, yes I admit it, all warm and fuzzy inside.

So don’t ditch the messy, smelly world of real food for the protein pill.

Eat more cake!



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