World Cup Fever

I don’t usually write about sport, which is odd as I spend far too long watching it! But the World Cup has gripped the house (not husband obviously; he’s not into footie!)  My son, who previously showed no interest in football, has got into this World Cup and it’s been fun watching the matches with him.  He’s making intelligent and informed comments about the teams and their tactics, I even think he’s getting the hang of the offside rule!

As an England supporter it’s always a good idea to pick a second team to support for when England get knocked out of the competition – which happened at the group stage this time round!  I chose The Netherlands as my club’s captain plays for them, the mighty Ron Vlaar!  So I’m cheering for them now and have enjoyed being part of the Orange Army (no I don’t wear an orange onsie or paint my face, I’m a grown up for goodness sake!)

Last night the first semi final was played between Brazil and Germany.  Naturally we were supporting Germany – I always support the European team and wanted to see a European team win in South America and kill that particular demon. 

At the beginning of the week I saw a poster in a bookies window offering odds on Germany winning 2-1 and I thought ‘That might be worth a tenner’ but I don’t bet so didn’t act on it.

Well there’s no way I was prepared for what happened.  Germany were awesome and at half time they were 5-0 up!  They looked as if they could score whenever they wanted and their defence was rock solid.  By the time the final whistle went they had won 7-1, the heaviest World Cup defeat for Brazil.  Tears all round in the Brazilian camp and German smiles wider than the Rhine!

Now tonight Argentina play Netherlands.  We’re supporting the boys in orange but I’m seriously worried that if they do get through  to the final they’ll get hammered by Germany who look unstoppable. 

I’m not sure I can bear the thought of Ron Vlaar in tears!


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