Facebook Fail

Today I de-activated my Facebook account.  In two weeks time the account will be deleted.

I read an article on The Daily Mail website which annoyed me, upset me and prompted me to act.  The article was about someone who had complained to Facebook about a particularly nasty video on its site.  The video, which I have no interest in seeing, showed two men torturing a kitten to death. The description of what was on the video made me feel physically sick and I cried for that poor wee animal and its terrible suffering.   All of that was bad enough. But what prompted my anger was that Facebook refused to remove the video as it didn’t break any of Facebook’s rules!

I have no idea what Facebook’s rules are.  I haven’t read them anywhere or felt the need to investigate further.  All I need to know is that I can’t be a member of any group which wouldn’t act immediately when alerted to a vile video such as the one Facebook were alerted to.  The only tools I have at my disposal are the ability to post a comment on Twitter and leave Facebook.

Maybe it’s a small gesture by one individual but it was something I had to do.  I will never forget the description of that kitten’s final moments; the thought that an organisation as large and powerful as Facebook would do nothing  when alerted to this horror is a sad reflection on society today. I know nothing will bring back the kitten and I know that worse things are happening to children around the world.  I happen to believe that a civilised society cares about all living creatures.  Failure to condemn cruelty to animals is unacceptable. I have to hope that Facebook’s failure to act doesn’t constitute approval or acceptance of what is shown in the video but inaction is not acceptable.  Maybe they need to look at their rules again and amend them.

So I made a decision and left Facebook.  I feel happier for having done so, for making a stand, however small. I apologise to any Facebook friends who miss me but I had to act for the sake of my conscience.  


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