Word of the Week

This week I’ve found it slightly easier to think of a word.  Maybe I’m getting better at it, maybe I’m starting to get into the vibe of summing things up.  So today I give you …

I often feel helpless, especially when technology is concerned.  I’m starting to reach that time in my life when I don’t understand things.  I watch the news on TV and I’m frightened by the way things are going.  I worry about things over which I have no control and turn them over and over in my mind.

I also feel that here are parts of my life that I am helpless to deal with, particularly around employment.  Many months of fruitless searching and I’m still gainfully unemployed.  I cannot do anything to help myself therefore I feel helpless.  It also means as far as looking after myself goes I’m dependent on others so again, helpless.

I’m trying to take an element of control – I’m hoping to start some more educational writing but again I have to wait for someone else to make a decision so I’m still helpless even when trying to ‘help’ myself!  Ironic or what?

Self help – I need to do it!  So here’s to helping myself gain some control and feel in control.


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