Word of the Week

Time flying again and before I knew it Friday was here; Word of the Week time!

I’m being a bit predictable today and the word is …

Of course there’s nothing screams ‘Autumn!’ like changing the clocks.  The extra hour in bed is just a joy; waking up at the usual time then remembering that you don’t have to stir for another hour – bliss!

Walking down to Abingdon I’m noticing more leaves falling, a slightly damp feeling in the air and that rotting leaf smell which sounds yuk but is really rather pleasant.

Yesterday I walked t the folly in Abingdon’s Abbey Gardens with OH.  It was a work project for him and I thought it would be nice to go too.  I’m often aware how living in a place blinds you to its glories – it’s all ordinary and familiar, you just stop seeing things.  So it was lovely to pop down to the folly and enjoy it. 

Not an autumn shot I know but I forgot to take my camera!
The added bonus, for me at least, was all the squirrels!  There were so many of them, running up and down the tree branches, squabbling and most wonderful of all sitting under the trees nibbling fruits and nuts from the trees.  If I stood very still and quiet I could get quite close to them.  I love squirrels, I love the fluid way they move, the ease with which they run up and down the trees and the way their tails flow behind them like furry trains.

Maybe the Word of the Week should have been squirrels!


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