Word of the Week

This week’s word only sprung into my mind yesterday and doesn’t really sum up the week as such but there hasn’t really been an over-riding feel to the week so it will suffice.

Yesterday I cooked tea.  ‘Wow’ I hear you all shout. Well, yes, it’s not that exciting in itself is it?  I cooked cod fillets in crème fraiche and with pea and mint crush. Sounds lush, n’est pas? I confess – it was a Waitrose ready meal … Just shoot me now for being a bad wife …

What I noticed was how small the portions were, no bigger than my coasters. Actually, the coasters are larger! The packet said there were two servings – I can only assume they didn’t mean two people!

However, this got me thinking about convenience.  I confess that I use ready meals sometimes, a few times a week if I’m honest. It’s become a habit; I wander round Waitrose and pop a couple of packs in the trolley without really thinking about it.  I do it for convenience. I know that there are a couple of fool-proof meals in the fridge and one of my few culinary skills is peeling back the film from a foil tray!

But is it really convenient? Maybe time wise but what about in other ways? Food should be an expression of love and care – what am I saying by buying it ready made and merely re-heating something made in a factory?  Have I really got that lazy and complacent?

So I’ve set myself a challenge: next week I’m not buying anything ‘convenient’ at the supermarket, I intend to make all meals from scratch. This will take some planning so I’m planning a weekend of pouring over cookbooks finding ideas for a full week and actually planning all meals rather than grabbing what’s in the fridge in a foil tray.

Actually, looks like next week’s Word of the Week could be planning … Watch this space!


13 thoughts on “Word of the Week”

  1. Good for you. I never buy convenience meals – have you read what is in that stuff? Simply cooked home meals – nothing says 'I love you more' at Valentine's (or indeed, any time of the year) more than that.

  2. I buy a few convenience meals for the teen for when he comes in starving at strange hours but we don't eat them ourselves (unless you count frozen pizza). I hope you enjoy cooking from scratch #wotw

  3. I buy those ready made meals when the store would almost close and would get them cheap. So for me they are okay even if its smaller side I still got them cheap and I just need to pop them out the oven or microwave a bit. But on full price these food are really extortionate to get. #wotw

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