BEDM Day 20m – Role Models

Thinking about this topic I realised that my role models have changed throughout my life. When I was very small I aspired to be a fairy or an elf or a talking teddy or … you get the picture!

The first person I remember wanting to be like was my Mum. She seemed to have an ideal life to me. Staying at home when I had to go to school, baking and sewing, not having to go to bed when it was still light in the summer and she got to wear a pinny which always had a hankie in the pocket. She also seemed to spend lots of time laughing which was a good thing. I guess what I wanted was to have a happy home life which involved a loving husband and looking after my family. I’ve been lucky and have had this for the past several years so thanks Mum for providing me with the model for being a wife and Mum.

My next role model was a teacher at secondary school, Mrs Cartwright. I thought she was so cool – tall and slim with exquisite taste in clothes, jewellery and make-up. She could cross her legs twice – you know, when you cross at the knee and then again at the ankle – I thought this was so cool and sophisticated. Needless to say I’ve never managed to do that myself – fat knees and ankles! She taught me English, my favourite and best subject, so she was already on to a winner. She was a strict but fair teacher and I always enjoyed her lessons; she gave me a love of reading but sadly never really managed to improve my handwriting! I got to know her on a more personal level when I was in the sixth form when I did some babysitting for her and her lovely husband. I even envied her home and Henry the Afghan Hound!

My sister is a role model too. She seemed to have it all – great career, lovely home and family, travel. Boy was I green eyed for a while! Of course I’m thrilled for her having all this loveliness in her life but I know how hard she and her OH have worked for it – nothing much comes for free, does it? But she does seem to have a nack for organising a very busy life and yet still being cool and enjoying it all. She inspires me to try harder to get a sense of balance in my life and she always has my best interest at heart, I’ve had some good advice from her even if I didn’t want to hear it at the time. She’s a great sister and I’m very lucky to have her in my life. Bet she’s embarrassed now!   

I passed many years without any real role models. Busy times working, looking after my family etc took over.

Then I started blogging and I now have several blogger role models. I admire Elizabeth at Rosalilium. She’s taken her blogging experience to a whole different level and is so knowledgeable. She lives a nomadic life travelling with her boyfriend – sounds idyllic to me! I also admire Jocelyn at The Reading Residence. She’s a pro-blogger who always has interesting posts to share and lots to engage with. a similar blog is YouBabyMeMummy hosted by Aby. Those last two blogs are family ones and I’m probably not their target audience as my baby is 26, but I enjoy the writing and sharing a little of their lives so who really cares? I also like Sara’s blog at MumTurnedMom. She has a lovely linky each week called The Prompt which gets my writing juices flowing. I admire these lovely ladies for turning a hobby into a career and being so creative and inspiring. 

So there are a few people I consider to be role models. They have all inspired me in different ways and helped turn me into the nutter that I am!


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