Word of the Week – Scheduling

This week’s word is a word from last week and a word for next week, it’s …

In order to keep my new blog ticking over I’ve written a schedule of posts. This means that most days there is a post planned in advance for me to pop on the blog. However having a list written is no substitute for doing something about it and this week I’ve found myself racing to get a post typed up on the day it’s due on the blog.
So next week my challenge to myself is to get some posts scheduled so that they appear seamlessly without the mad rush on my part. Sadly I can’t schedule my WOTW post – that needs to be done on Friday with the wisdom of hindsight! 

10 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Scheduling”

  1. I second Kim, best of luck! I always have lots of good intentions about scheduling but I never quite make it more than three days in advance.
    Good luck with the new blog, too

  2. Its really hard to do blogs for linkys a day early. I have been very good at it before but now I am struggling too as I am sick. But it does help to schedule things =) #wotw

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