Saturday Style – Style Icon

The more I think about style and realise that I don’t really have one, unless bag lady chic counts, the more I’ve been looking at other women’s style, especially celebrities. If I could wave a magic wand, who’s style would I like to steal?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Audrey Hepburn, so chic and elegant. She always looked so beautifully groomed and dressed in what I call under-stated elegance.

I also like the style of Katherine Hepburn, that lady oozed class. She could wear a sweater and trousers and look elegant, whereas I always look as if I couldn’t be bothered.

Modern day celebrities I like the style of include Alexa Chung and Billie Piper. Alexa carries off quirky elegance so well, always including some surprising element – statement shoes, an unusual bag. This sets her apart from the crowd and makes her an original. Billie Piper always looks as if she has thrown the first thing from her wardrobe on yet it so often works. She wear Doc Martins with an elegant frock, or throws a trench coat over an evening gown. Pillar box red lips and a sunny grin complete her look – aided by the perfect gentleman accessory in her handsome hubby, Lawrence Fox (my kind of eye candy to be sure)

So what learnt from this? Elegance seems to be a word that crops up several times, yet I never feel that I manage to look elegant. I’d be over the moon if I could nail presentable! There is much to think about if I’m to nail my signature style. Maybe one day I’ll have that Hepburn elegance – either Audrey or Katherine!


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