Read and Write – Autumn

Today is the first day of autumn. We say farewell to summer and look forward to the cooler days of autumn. Now you may wonder what happened to summer – did we even have one this year? So many people aren’t thrilled to see autumn looming on the horizon.

I love autumn. It is my favourite season. I enjoy sunshine and warmth as much as anyone and always look forward to a nice sunny holiday each year. It’s the hot and sticky weather that we often get in British summers that I’m not keen on. While a break in the sun where all I have to worry about id making sure I’ve got enough sunscreen on or what time to order my next beer is fine; having to worry about housework, shopping, whether to open the windows and risk a moth attack – these are not good. Plus air-con makes the heat abroad bearable – always a cool refuge when you need it.

Autumn means that sunshine is warm but not oppressive. It twinkles through the trees and sparkles on the dew in the morning. There are days when you can venture out without a coat and also without sweating. Walks into town are pleasant not exhausting with the heat.

Autumn means that I can get out jumpers, cardigans, scarves, gloves and hats. I love a good knit – there’s a new one on the needles at the moment – and you can’t beat the feeling of snuggling into a cosy sweater. Woolly tights are fab too – they cover a multitude of sins and no one knows if you’ve shaved you legs!

Autumn means the return of warming comfort foods like soups and stews. Noting smells as good as a beef stew on the hob as the nights draw in. And there’s another advantage of autumn, the early falling darkness. I’m a bit of a nester and I love nothing more than drawing the curtains and shutting out the world. Being able to do that at 4pm is wonderful! Makes me sound really anti-social but it’s all part of the cosy, snuggly feel I like in my home.

Autumn also means misty mornings, crunchy fallen leaves, bonfires, conkers, porridge for breakfast, jacket potatoes, cosy slippers, hot chocolate – I could go on and on. I’m not averse to an Indian Summer but I secretly hope that we get cooler, fresher weather and I can start popping a jumper on before heading out.      


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