Word of the Week – Anniversary

So today is my wedding anniversary.

 All week I’ve been thinking about how long I’ve been married (33 years! eek!) and remembering my wedding day. Well to be honest, remembering bits of it – I was so nervous I’ve forgotten some parts of it! It was a lovely day – wet and windy but, hey, what do you expect in October? I had a full-on meringue dress ( just what I wanted) a pretty veil and bouquet and heels I could hardly walk in (strappy sling backs in October! what was I thinking?)

I remember standing in Mum and Dad’s living room after everyone had left and sharing a whisky with Dad – he knew how nervous I was. I remember arriving at the church before the vicar – guaranteed to settle my nerves, right? I remember asking which name I should sign in the register – why does no-one tell you these things in the rehearsal?

Most of all I remember how happy we both were. Even if we look terrified (and oh so young!) in all the photos! I remember the day I realised that I’d been married for more of my life than I’d been single – that was a bit mind boggling. I can’t imagine life without my lovely OH; he’s done so much for me, supported me, put up with my silliness, been a wonderful husband and father.

Enough soppiness! We’ve put up with each other for a while now, we must be getting something right…

So I might sneak a crafty beer tonight and peek at those photos – things were weird in the 80’s weren’t they? That might explain the can and a half of hairspray in my hair!


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