Word of the Week – Clueless

This week was a tricky one to sum up. Mostly it was a normal week for me. You know the sort of thing, washing, ironing, cooking, baking, nothing out of the ordinary.

However I did go to the Ashmolean Museum to see an exhibition ‘From Titian to Canaletto’. I really enjoyed seeing the drawings from the Venetian school and as always I wished I could draw. The ability to convey a figure or movement with a few lines and some shading is like magic or alchemy to me – I struggle to draw a straight line with a ruler!

But anyway, back to #WOTW! Thursday night rolled around and I started to think about what word would sum up the week. As ever nothing sprung to mind and I was worried I’d either have to miss #WOTW this time round or force a word to fit.

Then a quick look at the calendar shocked me – Friday the Thirteenth! How did that creep up on me without me noticing? I’m not at all superstitious about that particular day but it’s one that I usually take note of. It was something of an obsession with certain girls when I was at school and we all joined in with the silliness – crossing fingers, not standing on cracks in the pavement, no walking under ladders. For some reason all things superstitious were magnified on Friday the Thirteenth!

So I’ve decided that this week I must have been clueless! I blame the menopausal brain – it doesn’t work so well some days!       


8 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Clueless”

  1. I didn't realise the date either until I started a shopping list this morning. I'm not generally superstitious but after getting soaked on the school run the day hasn't got off to a good start! I hope you have a good, superstition free day! #wotw

  2. I tend to notice Friday 13ths – not because I'm superstitious but because hubby and I got together on a Friday 13th and it always makes me smile to remember that. It is hard sometimes to find a word that summarises the week, isn't it – I know I sometimes struggle with that too. Glad you managed to find one for yours! 🙂

  3. I didn't realise the date either until I saw it mentioned on Twitter.
    So far today my freezer has broken, I can't get any sound on my phone, burnt tea and dropped a wine glass full of wine. I hadn't even had a drink. lol So not the luckiest day for me. hahaha

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