The Prompt – Gold

‘Oh for goodness sake, Jane, it’s only a sodding Nativity play; who cares which box you carry?’
‘Language Daniel,’ Sally tutted at him. ‘You know how important this is to Jane, try to be more supportive.’
Daniel muttered something inaudible but potentially very rude and left the kitchen.
‘Why is Daddy so mean?’ Jane turned her tear stained face to her mother and waited. Sally wished she had some words of comfort for her daughter but the truth was that Daniel hated anything festive, especially if they involved small children. He was a real life Grinch and proud of it.
‘He’s just a bit tired today, darling. Everything will be fine at the play, don’t worry. I’ll have a word with Miss Grey about the boxes and we’ll see what she can do.’
Later that day, with tears in her eyes, Sally held Daniel’s hand as their beautiful, bling obsessed daughter carried the best box in the Nativity play. The box that represented Gold for the baby Jesus.  

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