Setting some Writing Goals for 2016

I’m not very good at setting goals and, more importantly, sticking to them. But it’s traditional to do so at this time of year so I’ve decided to set myself some writing goals for this year. I’m under no illusions that I’ll achieve them all but it’s something to aim for, isn’t it?

1. I want to write regularly. I’m guilty of wasting time and faffing around which gets very little done. This year I’d like to be more disciplined about my writing rather than playing about at it. To make this happen I’m going to schedule some writing time into my day – time to spend with the TV off (my worst distraction!), time when I won’t feel guilty about spending time writing (it’s not messing about after all).   

2. I’d like to get at least one piece of extended writing done this year. No more bits started and never finished on the laptop, a proper piece of writing that has a beginning, middle and end! I’m not going to put too much pressure on by saying I want to write a novel but I’d like to end the year feeling as if there’s a finished ‘something’ on the laptop.

3. I want to write more poetry. I have tended to move away from poetry recently despite writing a fair bit when I was younger – very pretentious stuff mainly but a few pieces that I still like.

4. I would like to feel brave enough to submit some writing for competitions or prizes. Naturally I’ll need to have a body of decent work to choose from which means getting 1 and 3 sorted but it would be a real boost to my confidence to do something like that.

5. This would be a good year to release some more of my writing into the wild. I’m very reluctant to share my writing with others as I’m lacking in confidence about what I write. I think I need to engage with more writers and have the confidence to set my writing out for some serious scrutiny. Although it’s a bit scary to think about dong it …

6. This is the ‘pie in the sky’ one. I’d like to get a piece published somewhere. Nothing like publishing my first novel but maybe a little piece in a local paper or magazine. Small start but you know what they say about acorns!

So those are my writing goals. Here’s hoping I revisit them at the end of the year and can report some success! 


19 thoughts on “Setting some Writing Goals for 2016”

  1. These sound like great goals. I really hear your need to believe in yourself, and you should, you must do somewhat to have come this far, so take courage from that. From my experience, its quite cathartic when you have anxieties about hitting publish, and to go ahead and do it anyway.#whatimwriting xx

  2. Those are some great goals! I think really focussing on the regular writing can make a lot of the other things happen. If you want to share any creative writing with #WhatImwriting we're a supportive lot. We've also done a bit of beta reading for each other within the group. Are you on facebook? If so, would you like to join our FB group? It's a private place to discuss and share which sometimes feels less scary than blogging it! Thanks for linking up! xxx

  3. Go for it! You could check out Mslexia for opportunities to publish some of your work – it has regular submission slots for short and longer pieces of writing and loads of information about competitions. Good luck with it all.

  4. Thanks for all your support Maddy. It's lovely people like you that make it easier for fledgling writers like me to grow and gain confidence. Thanks for the invite to the FB group – will have to look for you soon!

  5. These are great goals, I may have to join you in aspiring to a few of them myself! They are also very achievable, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where they take you. Here's to a wonderful 2016 xx

  6. Thanks Sara! Feel free to steal all you want! I'm excited to see where I go with my writing this year too, I feel now is the time to take it a little more seriously and I feel really focused on the challenge, so watch this space…

  7. I say go for it, on all of those things. Last year I signed up to do 100K in 100 days. You don't officially sign up, but you aim to write on a regular basis and it's a way of keeping you going. There is a Facebook group you can join. Although it started 1st Jan, I don't think it would be too late to join in.

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