What’s a Fetty Wap? – Prose For Thought

What’s a Fetty Wap?
Fetty Wap is trending. I have no idea what Fetty Wap is but I let my imagination run free and here’s what I came up with.
I looked up as the rain began to patter on the train window. Typical, the one day I left my umbrella at home too. Well, there was nothing for it, I’d have to get a taxi at the other end if the rain continued. This suit was far too expensive to get wet on it’s first outing.
The train began slowing. We were a while away from arriving at Stoke so I assumed we’d got held up by signals again. This was the slowest train I’d ever been on, stopping every few minutes to idle, creak and rattle for little discernible reason. We slowed right down and then a station appeared.
The platform was overgrown with buddleia and a variety of weeds. Small trees loomed over the walls, their branches sweeping across the brickwork in the breeze. The edge of the platform was broken and crumbling, the windows of the waiting room were either broken or covered with a film of dirt and cobwebs. The whole place was run down and abandoned, there seemed no point in stopping here the place had obviously been abandoned some time in the 1940s. Yet here we were, waiting for imagined or ghostly passengers to board our train.
A conductor was walking down the aisle checking tickets. As he drew parallel to my seat I caught his eye.
‘Excuse me? Can you tell me why we’re stopping here? This looks like a deserted station, nobody’s ever going to catch a train from here.’
‘Not a local are you, miss? This is Fetty Wap. You must know the story of Fetty Wap and why the train still serves the station here.’
I slowly shook my head and confessed that I hadn’t.
‘Well,’ said an elderly man sitting opposite me, ‘you’ve got a treat in store. Allow me to tell you all about Fetty Wap Halt and the extraordinary events that took place here during the war.’     


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