The Prompt – Fun



My stomach lurched and I felt the nausea rising again. A sour tang at the back of my throat, I swallowed and prayed that it would soon be over. Eyes tightly closed I struggled to calm the fear rising in me. This was torture and I wasn’t sure I could bear it for much longer.

My body suddenly swung to the right and I clenched the edge of my seat, my knuckles turning even whiter. Sweat seeped between my fingers and I felt my grip slipping. Terrified of loosing hold of the seat I gripped even tighter and felt a cramp start in my hand.

 A sudden lurch to the left and I felt my stomach tighten again. If this went on for much longer I would be unable to resist the nausea. Swallowing hard again I tried to steady my breathing but it was no good. I was gasping for air and each ragged breath increased the feeling of panic.

Cold wind whipped my hair, chilling the sheen of sweat which had sprung up across my face. Goose bumps appeared on my forearms and I felt chilled to the bone. Another wave of nausea swept over me and a buzzing in my ears heralded an approaching fainting fit. My head felt light, my muscles felt weak and all I wanted to do was lie down and lose consciousness.

Suddenly everything went quiet and still. My nausea died down, I started to feel more in control of my body and ventured to open my eyes. Through the glare of sunlight I caught a glimpse of his smiling face.

‘That was fun, Mum! Can we go on the Pirate Ship now?’      


10 thoughts on “The Prompt – Fun”

  1. A yes, 'joyful' parenting … what fun! I always hated fairground rides; thankfully my son wasn't a fan either so I only had to go on a few! Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment Amy.

  2. Oh, this took me right back to a couple of horrendous rides… My kids love them, I hate them! We have agreed that I no longer have to join them…! Brilliantly written 🙂 We all have different idea about what is 'fun' don't we?! Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  3. It seems like a common thing, suffering at fairs for our kids! Glad you've worked out a compromise with yours! Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement, makes me feel warm and fuzzy …

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