What I’m Writing

Things I’ve learned by planning my ‘book’
I’m nearly at the point where I need to start doing the actual writing of the ‘book’ I’ve been planning over the past few weeks. So I thought I’d take a moment to think about what I’ve learned by planning an extended piece of writing.
I’ve always been a pantser, just going with the flow and seeing what appears when I write. This is huge fun as I sometimes get taken aback with the path that I take, the stories that pop out. I guess what I do is write a lot of flash fiction. That’s a phrase I heard for the first time recently and I rather like it, certainly sums up what I do!
The planning process has been an eye opener for me. I have really appreciated getting a real sense of where the story is going, where things worked and where they didn’t. I also loved getting to know my characters, they have become real people to me in a way that previous characters never did. I can really feel how they will react to all I’m planning on throwing at them in the next few weeks!
I have started planning out what happens in each scene I have to write. I can’t remember where I heard about doing this but it’s such a revelation! I can write any scene I fancy, in any order and because I know how it will all hang together then things will come together (with some editing!). All this is probably the way most writers work but as a fledgling writer I’m just finding out how best to work for me.     
All this makes me feel more like a ‘real’ writer. I still can’t bring myself to call myself a writer but the day is approaching when I will! So a little more planning and then it’s time to start my characters off on their journey… 

7 thoughts on “What I’m Writing”

  1. You ARE a writer – this post proves it! I'm still mostly a pantser although I think novel-writing does need a more planned approach so if I ever get back to either of my novels I'll have to do that! Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting

  2. Maddy you are such a wonderful cheerleader! I'm getting close to the moment when I may use the word 'writer' about myself so … I agree that there is no way I could have been successful with a novel without planning. In the past I've failed to sustain the initial rush of writing as I have no idea where the story is going and it runs out of steam quite easily. I'm hoping that all the work I've put in so far will pay off when I actually get started on the writing part.

  3. I first came across pantser when I did NaNoWriMo but I have no idea where it came from. I'm nearly finished planning so am getting excited about beginning the writing process and seeing if my characters will behave themselves! Thanks for your comment Tara.

  4. That breakthrough moment when you go from “erm, I'd kind of like to write something maybe and I have done some writing, but it's not really writing so I can't call myself a writer” to “Yep, I'm a writer (and badass)” is pretty awesome, isn't it? Of course, you've always been a writer because the prerequisite is that you write. it's the self-belief element that takes its time to manifest.
    Anyway, YAY! Planning can make you feel like you're a bit more on track, but the thrill of pantsing can't be beaten. Enjoy!

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