The Prompt – Broken

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
On and on and on
Like a broken record.

Why did I listen to you?
Why did I jump from so high?
The plaster cast itches
On my broken arm.

What did I do?
Why am I not enough?
How can you leave me
With a broken heart?

Why did it finish so suddenly?
Did you anything you said?
Serves me right for trusting
Your broken promises.

Why do words hurt so badly?
How will I ever survive?
Down trodden, forgotten, alone,
My broken spirit aches each day.

Phoenix like I will rise,
Stronger, smarter, wiser.
You will never break me.
I am the woman
Who broke back.


16 thoughts on “The Prompt – Broken”

  1. Love the sentiment at the end there! And also your comprehensive analysis of the word 'broken' and the fact that it is a really versatile example of how adaptive the English language really is. #theprompt

  2. Love this, very clever. And, the last verse is brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt (and apologies for being so late to commenting, birthday party weekend at our house!).

  3. Gosh I love your profile bio!! Dislikes Kale. Priceless. Even though my family is young (6, 9 and 11) I still feel a bit in no mans land sometimes amongst the hoardes of new mummy/pregnancy blogs. Delighted to find you. Thanks for the thought provoking poem which kick-started my brain 🙂 And thanks for joining us at #passthesauce

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