Word of the Week – Anticipation

As anyone who follows my blog regularly will know (hello! *waves madly*) I’ve decided to take a media break. A whole 7 days without any media in my life, or very little anyway. Needless to say I’ve been full of anticipation about this, both in a good way and a not so good way.

I know I can last a week without Twitter and Facebook, I do it every time I go on holiday. I don’t use my phone for social media and hardly look at it most of the time anyway so I have experience of being Twitter-free. It’s not really that scary after all but as I’m at home for this week I may find it harder. The laptop is just sitting there after all and how bad would it be to switch it on for a moment?  But I’m determined to manage – my son will keep me on track I’m sure, he loves any excuse to boss me about!

I’m more concerned about the no reading clause. I’ve always got a book on the go and I love losing myself in to a story so I think this may prove to be harder. I finished my book on Wednesday and it felt odd not to start a new one straight away. I may allow myself a little browse to choose the next book; how indulgent to have a whole week to pick a book!

So it’s with a sense of anticipation that I enter my week of media free life. Next week’s WotW may reflect what has happened to me during it …   


12 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Anticipation”

  1. Oh good luck! I know that I could not do it, my blog kind of relies on me doing it though so I kind of have to! But the book thing? That would be even harder! Hope it goes well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. I remember doing this last year from September till Feb. Mine is a different reason but I really did stay away from social media the whole time. It feel good and I miss blogging the most. #wotw

  3. What an interesting project to do, and probably a good one very now and again to switch yourself off from social media. I didn't look at social media for a weekend (it was enforced, we were somewhere without any signal) and at first it was hard which then turned into liberation!
    Best of luck – look forward to popping across next week to see how you got on!

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